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James Island


6.20.12   Raced the Laser in Charleston this past weekend at James Island Yacht Club. Perfect weekend weather wise, and had a great turnout with 25 Lasers. Matthew had fun wandering around all the boats and played in the cockpit of my laser for a while. Good times.



6.20.12   Two weeks ago Matthew turned one. It was one of the best weekends in a long time. Tons of friends and family around. Allie did an amazing job on his frog birthday party, and especially his frog cake. We spent some time out at the sailing club at the beach and made it to church on Sunday. Matthew had a blast and Allie and I celebrated the fact that we kept the little guy alive for a whole year. This is a shot of him playing at his favorite spot at church – outside at the rails by the steps.


8.14.11   After baths Matthew likes to put on his frog cape. Cutest thing I think I’ve ever seen.

Lake Murray

7.28.11   It’s pretty sweet to have Lake Murray so close. After a full afternoon on the water we were treated with some great wind for the sail back home. Sunset in the background. Hard to beat.

One month in

7.28.11   We’re almost finished with our first month of residency! Hard to believe. It’s been good so far. An adjustment for sure, but with a steep learning curve. A few of us had the day off on Thursday, and dad was in town. We spent the day on the water with Peyton’s boat and the Abaco Joy. Matthew loved his life jacket, which fits a little better now than it did a month ago.

Uncle Pman’s boat

6.30.11   Day before residency begins. Matthew’s first day on the water. We had a blast. Matthew slept most of the afternoon, some of it with uncle Pman.


6.29.11   M dog chillin’ on the ottoman. He’s been a lot more awake lately which is cool for mom and dad (except at night).


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